• We are a startup.

  • We are entrepreneurs.

  • We are on a mission to find, fund and scale remarkable early stage companies.

  • We are Thesis Ventures.

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Thesis is a hands-on, early-stage venture fund and company builder. We provide exceptional entrepreneurs with a combination of intellectual, network and investment capital. We empower them to launch innovative, category-shaping consumer brands. We exist to help transform validated concepts into scalable businesses.


Thesis is NAMED AFTER the Goddess of Creation.

Investment Beliefs


We invest in great people:
entrepreneurs, founders, and their teams.


we invest in areas we know intimately.
Currently: Consumer Facing Brands and the On-Demand Economy.


We invest in early-stage, category-shaping companies.


We invest in building brands people will love.


We invest where we can accelerate growth globally.


We invest with our expertise, capital and connections.


We invest only when we truly feel we can help.

Meet the Founders

Richard Lent

Richard Lent

Branding, Business Strategy, Digital Disruption

Sanket Parekh

Sanket Parekh

Marketing, Sales, Globalization

Ari Ojalvo

Ari Ojalvo

Logistics, Travel / Leisure, Growth

Jon Vanhala

Jon Vanhala

Strategic Partnerships, Social Media / Content, Business

Thesis Venture Studios

Located in the heart of South Florida, our collaborative open studio features massive floor-to-ceiling windows facing Sailboat Bend on the Las Olas New River. We offer our portfolio companies free residency in this inspiring shared workspace. The open design with five private conference rooms, is ideal for the cross pollination and validation of ideas, mentor and advisor work-sessions, and the serendipity created through like-minded entrepreneurs working together.

Beyond our headquarters, Thesis' reach is truly global with active networks in NYC, Boston, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, London, Istanbul, Paris, Dubai, Mumbai, and throughout Asia.

Thesis Ventures

330 SW 2nd St - Building 111
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
E : inquiries@thes.is